Dates and their nutritional virtues, A magic food for health

The dates are the oval small fruits of the date palm, grown in tropical climates. Dates are often sold dried, which concentrates their softness and gives them a pleasant mellow texture.

The nutritional benefits of eating dates are many. A single 3.5 ounce serving contains about 20% of your daily intake of potassium, with 7 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and several types of antioxidants. Dates also contain a good amount of copper, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium and iron.

Sustained energy

Despite the fact that dates are quite sweet, they do not increase your blood sugar. It’s still fiber that deserves credit. Fiber slows digestion and equalizes the rate at which sugar in dates reaches your bloodstream. You will not have a peak and crash when you enjoy the dates, but rather a sustained source of energy.

Thus, dates are considered a low glycemic index food, compared with other high-sugar foods.


better prevention against age-related diseases

 There are many ways to preserve your brain and keep it active, but all rely on proper nutrition. Dates have been found to reduce inflammatory markers of your gray matter associated with higher rates of Alzheimer’s.

Studies have also shown that dates can prevent the formation of beta-amyloid protein plaques in the brain. When these plaques form, they disrupt the communication between the brain cells and cause them to die more quickly. Other studies in mice have shown that a diet with dates has better learning ability, longer memory, and less anxiety.

. Less dependence on white sugar

Overconsumption of sugar is a serious health crisis that. If you are really determined to reduce your sugar intake, it is best to eat almost exclusively home-cooked meals. To this end, dates are an excellent substitute for sugar and you can replace sugar with dates in many recipes. Simply mix the dates and water in a blender until you get a paste. The dough can then be substituted for sugar in everything you prepare. Although date paste is relatively high in calories, it contains dietary fiber and antioxidants, unlike refined white sugar.

. Better digestion

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy digestion, it actually helps your body push waste through the colon and eliminate it more easily and more regularly.