Bananas and its virtues following their colors

When we eat bananas we know its nutritional values ​​and its vitamins, but do you know their usefulness according to the different colors of its skin.

For starters, the greenest bananas are a crucial part of our diet when we struggle to control our blood sugar levels. They have a very low glycemic index, they are excellent for those who have to pay close attention to the sugar level of their body.

What about the firm and yellow banana? These bananas are very healthy for you. They have a sweeter flavor than green banana. The body is also able to digest them fairly easily. When a banana is completely yellow, the antioxidants it contains can protect our body from various diseases.


The spotted yellow banana is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from tumors especially those who are prone to different cancer diseases

Soft and brown bananas do not seem to have much to offer us from a health point of view. A banana of this color tends to be much sweeter than its lighter counterparts. These bananas, however, have their own special powers. They contain tryptophan, which reduces stress and anxiety. They are also rich in various nutrients that promote healthy muscles and bones.

In the end after this news about the benefits of banana you realize how much this magic fruit is good for your health. Good for those who love bananas

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