7 secrets for perfect health

Never before has information about fitness and health been as widely available as it is today. But with all this information available, it can be a daunting task to know which rules to follow and which rules to ignore.

Here are 7 rules to follow for perfect health.

1. leave it

The first rule for living a healthy life is to leave all the bad habits that you could acquire during your growth.

These bad habits include smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, eating unhealthy foods and other discomforts. It may seem easy on paper, but it is not.

Since your body is already used to these substances, you will experience cravings and side effects such as migraines before you can stop them completely. The key is to stop slowly.

Start by regularly reducing your consumption of these substances until you stop completely.


2. Stay away from the sun

Summer time and tanning are two things that go hand in hand. Many people like nothing more than a good sunbath. It’s pretty dangerous, especially for light-skinned people.

People with fair skin have low amounts of melanin in their body. Direct exposure to the sun for long periods and in the middle of the day not only kills skin cells, but also increases the risk of skin cancer.

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