6 secrets that your plumber will not tell you

No doubt everyone has had problems with the pipes of their home, here tips from plumbers to do
oneself and even more techniques very useful.
If these plumbing tips are helpful, you should also know that these home inspectors will not tell
you all the secrets.

1-Do not trust the label “disposable in the toilet”

Some home tools with “disposable in the toilet” label. Yet they do not break down like toilet paper
and can come back to haunt you later. “The toilets are more water efficient than they were 20 years
ago. The volume of the hunt is sometimes insufficient to force the removal of debris. An object will
lodge in the trap and cause a blockage when the waste accumulates days later.

2-No bricks in the toilet tank

Some claim that putting a brick in the toilet tank can save water, but it can prevent flushing of the toilet. Another plumbing tip, avoid liquid drain cleaners. Cleaning products from liquid sewers are also bad. Try a piston or, better yet, an auger.

3-Attention to long hair or falling

If you have someone at home bald quickly, buy a sieve or a hair trap or tell them to use a paper towel to clean the drain. Soap can also erase pipes, so use as little as possible.


4-Use rigid drain cleaners

Sinking corrosive chemicals to dissolve a hoof is like throwing a grenade into a Gopher hole. Instead, it is recommended to rinse your drains weekly with half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Let it sparkle in the drain for ten minutes, then pour four cups of boiling water.

5-Close your outdoor faucets in winter

Another way to avoid a service call from your plumber is to make sure the outside faucets are closed in the winter and to disconnect the outside hoses. You must shut off the water from the inside. Then open the faucet on the outside to let the water run out. You tilt the two in the opposite direction so that one remains always closed and the other always open. If you leave for a long period of time, for example on vacation, close your water. If one of these days, the temperature drops below freezing, have someone check your home. There are houses where the family returned from vacation and there was water flowing from the front door.

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