5 similarities with celebrities have surprised thousands of people.

Many people around the world want to identify with their celebrities. They consent plastic surgery, apply the same makeup and behavior.

Some lucky people have perfect similarities to celebrities since birth. If some people try to make money by using their similarities, others do not adhere to this logic.

1- Adele — Ellinor Hellborg

Ellinor Hellborg, Sweden, is equal to Adele. In some photos, it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. Despite the striking similarity, she says she does not want to copy someone’s life or be like others.

2- Kylie Jenner — Fyza Ali

© kyliejenner / instagram© soniaxfyza / instagram

Fyza Ali looks a lot like Kylie Jenner. As his sister Sonia looks like Kim Kardashian

3- Katy Perry — Francesca Brown

Francesca Brown has been confused with Katy Perry forever. Francesca is an actress and plays roles in cinema and theater. Also, she was able to earn money playing the role of the singer.


4- Ryan Gosling — Danila Yakushev

© goslingdaily / instagram © capdan / instagram

Danila Yakushev ont souvent comparé à Ryan Gosling. Ils se ressemblent beaucoup quand Danila rencontre ses lunettes et se fait pousser la barbe.

5- Selena Gomez — Sofia Solares

© selenagomez / instagram© sofisolars / instagram

Solares has 800,000 followers on her Instagram account because she looks a lot like Selena Gomez: cute face, dark eyes. Both girls have Mexican origins, maybe that’s why they’re so alike.

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