12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since Filming

4. Luke Youngblood (Lee Jordan)

Luke played the role of Lee Jordan, an enthusiastic member of Gryffindor whose main role was to keep the public informed of the situation of the teams during the school Quidditch games. At 32, he has already starred in 10 television series (such as Glee and Lie to Me) and now plays one of the lead roles in Galavant. He also works in the field of theatre and sings.

3. Hugh Mitchell (Colin Creevey)

The role of this little Harry Potter fan was the first for Hugh. Later, he participated in 16 films and series. Today, he is a composer, singer, and photographer.


2. Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

Little Matthew Lewis managed to persuade his mother to take him to the audition where they had to wait in line for 5 hours. The actor was as unlucky as his character during filming: he had to wear false teeth, plastic pads behind his ears and a costume that made him bigger. And once, Helena Bonham Carter accidentally punctured his eardrum, and he couldn’t hear for a few days. Today, Matthew continues his acting career and played a role in Me Before You. He also married Angela Jones, an event organizer at Universal Studios.

1. Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)

In the film, Draco was Harry’s enemy, but in real life, Tom Felton was a friend of Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Emma Watson even confessed that he was her first love. Unfortunately, it wasn’t mutual. Before taking part in Harry Potter, Tom played parts in movies and sang in the choir. As of now, he has 2 music albums and plays in movies — you can see him in Origin, a science fiction series.

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